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Technical Account Manager ( all locations )

Technical Account Manager :


Secure Recruiting is looking for TAM’s in every major US location for a very hot well funded Pre IPO Endpoint Security vendor .

 TAMs are responsible for the majority of customer-facing activities related to the  platform, products, and technology throughout the  customer lifecycle. TAMs must be able to work efficiently with teammates and the enterprise sales team to facilitate product adoption and continually ensure customer success.

 Ideal candidates for the Technical Account Manager position are comfortable working with large customers in a wide range of functions including but not limited to product demonstrations, solution architecture, content development, professional services, and product support. Experience with a wide range of enterprise software, an engineering background, and good writing skills are preferred.

Candidates must have at least 8 years of experience in security, systems management, or enterprise software development.


Candidates must be problem solvers and are:

  • Collaborative and enjoy working in a tight knit, team-oriented group
  • Able to build and maintain customer relationships
  • Comfortable in face-to-face customer engagements and high-pressure situations
  • Capable of translating complex, technical concepts into easily understood terms
  • Process-oriented and can systematically work through customer requirements

Technical Qualifications

Ideal candidates are:

  • Experienced in scripting or programming in a variety of languages such as VBScript, Shell, and C#
  • Able to install and configure a variety of software solutions
  • Comfortable across operating systems commonly found at large organizations
  • Familiar with general networking and database concepts